Why Black Knight

The name Black Knight comes from this famous joke in roman slang. A man tells this story:
The Black Knight and the White Knight make a duel and the Black Knight kills the White Knight. Now the White Knight had 3 sons, they challenge the Black Knight to a duel and the Black Knight kills all of them. Now they had 3 sons each and the 9 White Knights challenge the Black Knight to a duel but the Black Knight kills of all them. Now they had 3 sons each and the 27 White Knights challenge the Black Knight to a duel but the Black Knight kills all of them.
Please stop the story, what do you mean, what is the moral?
The moral is: "Don't piss off the Black Knight"!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Running in summer / Loving the nature: birds

Running in summer. When I was younger I didn't have any problem to do my workouts in summer but now I suffer the heat: the runs are harder, I feel weaker and the pace is slower.
For these reasons I planned a strategy to survive this hot season and to resist until fall when I will be able (I hope) to enter some race again:
1. Run in early morning. I go out at 06:30 a.m. and I finish before 08:00 a.m.;
2. The route always includes a couple of fountains to refresh me, just in case. This is a fountain, well appreciated also by the pigeons. Some years ago it was stolen and short time later recovered:

3. The route must be shady and, if possible, under the trees or in the country;
4. After the workouts a drink with potassium and magnesium. Every day a diet rich of fruit and vegetables;
6. Don't be in hurry to come back to the competitions.

    And now a couple of explicative photos:
1990 La Maddalena Naval Base - No problem at all to race under the sun.
2019 Bolsena Lake - Better not to run under the sun:

Loving the nature: As you know I am an animal lover and proud member of many associations for the protection of the animals. Here are some photos of birds.

My wife feeds some "old friends":

A nice family:

A robin that I rescued by a cat:

3 robins in Rome:

My grandson and I while feeding the ducks just killed by scum people (see my last post):

Canadian geese:

A seagull that daily comes to eat in my garden:

Are you an animal lover? Do you have any pets at home?

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

One sad story

     Usually I make my workouts in my hometown by the sea. Below is the beach where I have been going since 1975: 

    On the week end, instead, I run by the lake. As you can see in the photo below, this lake is the place where many birds have their habitat. Among them there were 3 nice ducks, they were the mascots of the town, socialized with the persons and agreed to be photographed.

    I used to feed them and enjoy their company. See the short movie: 

     Lately, since early may, I didn't meet them anymore. I began to make my workouts all around the lake, through new places, with the hope to see them again but, unfortunately, it didn't happen.
     So I asked a local woman who live in a house near the corner where the ducks used to stay and she said that "someone" killed all of them.
     I am very sad and angry, because I don't succeed in understanding how one (or more) person can kill such lovely animals only for fun!!!!!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Images from the battlefield

Medical check and training update. Worried for the weakness that appeared during 2 workouts at the end of June I went to the doctor and I did a series of laboratory tests. The tests are ok, so now I have only to follow my doctor's advice, waiting for better times: running without minding pace and distance.
Let's see what will happen in the near future.

Images from the battlefield. As I wrote on my last post the Black Knight Army is a group of goliardic friends who pretend to be warriors, every race a battle etc.
Here are some epic images of the legendary Black Knight Army on the battlefield:

Do you have epic images like these? If you have please share.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

June and the Black Knight Army

June 2019. June began very well but at the end of the month, on 22nd I had to give up after 15 minutes of running because I felt weak and strengthless. I tried again 5 days later but the situation was the same and after 8 slow km I gave up again. It is important to say that in this period the heat rules (36° C - 97 F) but this is the first time that it happens to me. 
     So I went to the doctor, he is also a runner, who gave me the advice to run, for now, as I can, no matter speed and distance: only for fun and to maintain the training. I also did a series of laboratory tests and I am awaiting the results.

June 2006. The Black Knight Army: a legend was born
     In June 2006 together with Giorgio, Gianni, Alessandro and Piero (not present in photo) we founded the Black Knight Army, with an uniform, an inaugural tough workout through the city (we called it “the raid to submit the local population”) and an "official" dinner with the families. 
    It was not a real running team but a group of goliardic friends who pretended to be warriors, each race a battle, the other runners "bloody enemies to defeat", the places where the races were held "cities to be conquered" and the people who attended along the way "persons who pay homage to the glorious Black Knight Army". Since that day the black outfit became "mandatory" during the competitions: it was our black armour.  
    Indeed one year before I and Giorgio designed a t-shirt  to run together and joking about the Black Knight but the next year, as above mentioned, we decided that the “glory had to go beyond the national borders”.
    I think it’s time to establish an fierce and fearless “Bloggers running team”!!!!! What about it?

Have a good running week end!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Time to slow down

     After a relatively long period of normal/good shape, the "God of Running" gave me the bill to pay. During this time I succeeded in doing at least 3 workouts per week and, often, also every other day: each workout was ondulate and about 10 km long with a weekly tempo run. No long distance runs because I have problems again for the many fractures I suffered in these latest years. The scheduled plan included 1/2 monthly races: until now, this year, I have raced 6 times.
    But, on Saturday morning, I had to stop my run after 15 minutes because I felt completely strengthless, with pain on my back and inside the left knee: all together in a while! Maybe the heat, maybe I am getting really elder, maybe the stress and/or all such things together .... and I got into the troubles.
     Of course I pay attention to the right nutrition, I mind the steps while running, I have good and new shoes but, unfortunately, this is the present situation. Now the decisions is: 7 days of total rest, no races until late summer and a gradual reprise of the runs.
     I made also the decision to follow a 3-months session of postural gymnastic to try to realign up, as possible, both my shoulders. As you know I have a prosthesis inside the right one after a terrible fall during a workout. For this reason I had to abandon my swimming training and I have lost my previous speed.

     To try to forget all the troubles, I went with my family to spend the week end by the lake, enjoying the clean water and the landscape despite the heat.

     On Sunday afternoon we visited the near city of Bolsena to see the flower festival:

How is the weather in your city? Do you succeed in doing good runs?

Saturday, 15 June 2019

When we were young runners

We didn't have a p.c. and our log-book was a simple checkered notebook:

To know the official results of a race we had to wait and buy the local newspaper or a running magazine:

The GPS watches were far in the next future and we used a normal watch with the chronometer:

We ran in the middle of the traffic and we wore paper bibs (dec. 1986):

The post race party was only with fresh local fruit (sept. 1990):

The t-shirts were in cotton and not tech:

The races were not crowded and often we ran alone for long distances:

What are the memories of your first races?

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Week end by the lake

I spent last week end at the Bolsena lake with my wife and my daughter's family. Relax, good food and, of course, a workout by the lake where the only "noise" was the birdsong. Below you can see Gradoli and Bolsena:

Here is my grandson sitting after a walk by the lake. He will be a future rugby player (I hope):

This is Capodimonte the town where I made my workout 10 km long in one hour. A very scenic route:

On Sunday I will skip the scheduled race because my children want to spend the week end at the lake with us. Never mind it is a pleasure for me and my wife.
However on Sunday I will test the new running shoes that I have just bought:

Running in summer / Loving the nature: birds

Running in summer . When I was younger I didn't have any problem to do my workouts in summer but now I suffer the heat: the runs are ha...